Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Progress is a good thing... I signed a contact with Lyrical Press, Inc. back in March. My first release - The Business of Sex will be out in October.

I stopped posting to the old blog around that time... hoping to have a new site up and running by October - and I still have high hopes that will actually happen. But for now... this lovely blog will have to do, because quit frankly it was easy for me to fall out of blog writing... and it's something I had really started to enjoy... so I will work on this for now and hold out for the new skin - new website unveiling, until a little closer to release date, besides, I'm cooking up a contest idea to go along with the unveiling and the release!

The delay which is really random in rhyme and reason, should be resolved shortly... I hope!

July, while busy with edj (evil day job - okay I really, really like my job, but still it is w-o-r-k and takes away from writing!) and edits, was good to me... I got my cover - which I'll post shortly!


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