Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's almost here

I don't think I have looked forward to the start of school this much since I was a kid, bored with summer. Yes, bored with summer happened for me. I liked school - crazy I know!

But this year - oh my gosh, I just can't wait. I crave routine more and more each year and this is the first time both my kids will be in school with a set schedule! Woohooo!

I very little control over the hours of my day job, but I can work them around the girls school hours somewhat. Plus - I must buckle down and get back to my WIP. It was abandoned for edits, as I'd written The Business of Sex a good while ago, it needed much work and it took a lot of energy. I do believe it is a much, much better book because of the editing, and now I am getting excited waiting for the release date too!

During our short trip I came up with a plan for the blog... and I'm working on emlimenting it over the next month or so - and by then I hope to have my actual site up and working... please!


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