Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where did the 1st half of 2011 go?

It seems like it was Christmas last week, and Easter yesterday! Of course things have been crazy as usual. Record low temperatures in south Louisiana - in May? Who would have thought it possible - but it's been pretty nice - it's sort of like Spring, which we usually skip right over.

Then the water...

The mighty Mississippi River has been wreaking havoc, raising, flooding, spillways being opened, more potential flooding, cresting, whew. Keeping those in danger in my thoughts (including some family). Thankfully we are high and dry.

Risking Delaney came out on 4/18/2011, and so far I've only seen one review of it, which you can find here. I'm working on the follow up story for Dirk and if you've read RD you'll know just who I'm talking about.

Something fun coming up before you know it...

The 5th annual HeartLA Reader's luncheon -- Novemeber 5th- and tickets are already on sale - if you'd like to check it out. Sabrina Jeffries will be the keynote speaker this year!


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