Friday, June 04, 2010

News and Updates

I tweeted yesterday, that I'm dazed and confused. Well, I am a little. Actually I think I'm more tired that anything. We have a BIG WEEKEND coming up. The oldest and her bff and I will be going to the Bayou Country Superfest, you can see the details here (and understand the level of excitement maybe just a little!)

When it was first announced she begged for tickets, I knew I'd love to go (but the heat - ick - and I'll give the marketing guys this - tickets went on sale in Oct!). So I bit the bullet and we all have two passes with the best seats I could get as soon as they went on sale.

Besides mentally preparing for the weekend, I finished writing a novella, editing it, writing a synopsis and query letter. It was a bubble of an idea that wouldn't go away, and I enjoyed writing it even though it was something a little different. Now!

Edits are done for my September release, About Last Night - the cover is up on the book page - the blurb and excerpt will be up as soon as I have the okay to post them. Also, I also received a contract from Lyrical Press for the first book in a Contemporary Romance series set in the "swamps" of southern Louisiana. I'll post more details when I have them. Here's the series pitch line: Series set around Chandler Bayou Resort featuring a group of friends formerly known as the Rowdy Rushers. These men spent the spare time of their youth trying a variety of extreme sporting events. Each has a favorite extreme sport, which carried over into adulthood. Now as they enter their 30s, can each find a woman who makes him think twice?


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