Sunday, June 13, 2010

About Last Night, short excerpt

My wonderful editor Mary is gracious and decided to help me pick a highlight and/or mini-blurb. LPI is good about putting backcover copy and a "highlight" at the front of it's eBooks - I wish all publishers did this with eBooks - it's a nice feature. I would have never picked this - for the 200 word highlight, but as always Mary came through for me...

An interior office door swung open and Tanner strolled out wearing a white towel low on his hips. His light brown hair looked darker when wet.

She gasped. Tanner stopped mid-stride. “Hi.”

How could one simple word be so seductive? She managed to squeak out a return greeting. Heat raced up her neck and spread across her face. A vivid memory flashed. An image of Tanner shirtless…wearing wet swimming trunks that hugged his lean hips as he strolled to her across her parents’ backyard. Her twenty-first birthday party, and the heat and desire in his eyes had been obvious. They’d shared one hot, passionate night a couple of months before. She’d sampled his body, knew what was under those shorts, how he could make her feel. But she’d arrived late with one of her best guy friends in tow. She’d asked Tim to come home with her as a safety net, in case things were awkward with Tanner. It had been the first time they’d seen each other after... The heat that sparked, extinguished as soon as Tim played his part. Things were never awkward, just left unsaid.

Hopefully by next week - all the changes will be done on the website and the blog will be back where it belongs

Also... I will be writing a review of the first Carina Press book I read!


Mary Murray said...

Aw, shucks. You always say the nicest things. Good thing we have that Mutual Appreciation Society thang goin' on, huh? I love the new site! Most excellent, Ms. Rhonda.

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