Monday, January 31, 2011

Risking Delaney - Blurb

I posted the cover about a week ago, now I've finally got the official blurb! Release date is early April, I do believe the 4th of April.


A few weeks of great sex, sure. A lifetime of danger -- hell no.

Running the family campground was the last thing Brock Chandler wanted. But, when it’s dumped on him, he makes big plans. Incorporating extreme sports into the thriving business is his top priority…until his grandfather, the majority stockholder, says he has a corporate buyer and wants to sell.

Delaney Breaux is giving up the rat race in Manhattan and heading home to New Orleans. Leaving her job as a busy marketing executive is the one thing she’ll miss. Spending a few weeks with her about-to-be-married best friend seems like a good transition. Instead it turns into an adventurous detour.

Brock Chandler is a walking ad for danger and she’s lived her life for security. When their worlds collide for a second time anything can happen.
Content warning: This story contains explicit sex, strong language, and men who live for danger.


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