Monday, October 04, 2010

Manic Monday!

Life's been a bit crazy. Both of my kids are back in school and we have schedules. I love schedules -- but ours have been insane! The oldest plays school softball, which starts as soon as school does, so that's four days a week. Add in a knee injury and physical therapy two days, plus both kids and ccd, every week for one, every other week for the other -- and some days I drive up to my house, don't kill my car or get out before leaving again! Besides the dh has not been feeling the best, but is hopefully on the road to recovery.

Whew. I'm tired and that's not even close to all I have going on. My day job has been super busy (thankfully!) and I'm working on a follow up story to one of my finished novellas (and have about three other stories I need to be working). And I'm expecting first round edits any day now for Risking Delaney!

Oh...and there's this little RWA chapter I'm currently president of and we are hosting one hell of fantastic reader's luncheon coming up 11/6/10 - which means that is a big time suck right now too!

How's your day? What have you been reading? I admit lately I've been mostly listening to audio books (thanks to busy day job - I'm on the road bunches).


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