Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good old days...

Last Friday a local radio station hosted a reunion of a morning radio show that was popular in this area when I was a teen. From the moment I heard the announcement I worked my schedule around being able to listen to the three hour broadcast. I loved the 80s (no I do not want to revisit the 80s), and I still love 80s music, but I'm not one to look for special stations that devotes play time to one type of music. I like to listen the local staple channel...I love the morning show, like the mid-day run of music and can deal with the evening drive show - I don't change the channel unless I am forced too!

I loved every second of the reunion broadcast. I can't explain it, but it made me happy. I started a manuscript about a year go featuring two morning show hosts, it's still on the back burner, but I do work on it along with the others. I've been in *thinking* mode on it for awhile, but I'm looking forward to diving back in soon.


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