Monday, September 21, 2009

There are things...

You can control & others you can not. I know that I have a really pretty website (no, I'm not crazy). It is designed but not LIVE. I really, really, wish it were live. I also wish I had access to put all the tons of things that need to be put in place there. But unfortunately I have zero control over either.

I didn't want place holder, so I put this blog up instead while the kinks were worked out of the site. But it turns out I've not followed through on the blog. When the new shiny site goes up I do have plans for weekly blog content. I'm actually excited about it. I look forward to doing it, but until then I'm making no promises. sigh. All I've been doing is worrying if I will have a real site up before the first book releases - the countdown has started, it's under one month away.


Unknown said...

Good luck, I hope the site is up soon! I'm redesigning mine too and sooo impatient. But I only have myself to blame for it not being up yet. Soon. I look forward to seeing yours!


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